Your Soul Revival – Chakra & Energy Balance

Suppressed emotions tie up most of our energy in wounds from the past. Would you like to feel present, integrated and restored in ease and freedom to embody your potential?

Chakra and energy balancing brings as many parts of you as possible into the “now” this being the only place where change can happen

The 7/8 nature chakras “Energy Vortexes” connect our nerves hormones and emotions, running parallel to the body’s neural endocrine immune system.

A holographic field that carries information for growth, development and reproduction. Our chakras hold patterns and wounding from lifetimes resulting in predispositions and health issues, traits in our current life which often defy diagnosis/treatment. Ancient and/or long held memories stored in the frequencies of their “spin density” (cellular memory). In this one and a half hour, regressive and alchemic vocal hands on/off journey session. Grace works to restore frequency integrity by resetting balancing and centering the polarity of and between each centre, dissipating emotions such as blame, guilt, rage, sorrow and loss and their effects on the whole system. These sessions enhance and strengthen emotions associated with love, hope, forgiveness and joy.

Come well hydrated and open for change – 2 hour sessions $200 each.

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