Chi Kung Flow

Chi Kung Flow


About Chi Kung Flow

Chi Kung is a powerful ancient healing practice with over 200 styles, dating back to 500BC. Chi Kung, which means “energy work” is a deeply embodied meditation practice, using elements of movement, breath, postures and intention to generate and direct “Chi” (life force energy) throughout the body and the organs in order to restore balance and maintain good health, increased vitality and direct connection to the earth and Universal Source.

Grace’s unique style of Chi Kung, based on her extensive training and decades of dedicated practice, combines movement and Taoist healing sounds, creating a flowing progression of movements and vocal resonance to transform toxic “Chi” stored in the organs and meridians and restore them to their full potential, revitalising, cleansing and strengthening the body and realigning the central nervous system.

Maximum benefit is gained as an early morning practice (before food).

Be well hydrated and wear natural fibre loose clothing.

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