Workshops and Retreats

DAUGHTERS of the EARTH Workshop


A day of Women’s Business reconnecting with the Spirit of Nature

In this outdoor gathering we take time to journey into the depth of the feminine principle, relaxing from our busy schedules and exploring our “Whole” selves through movement, colour guided imagery, breath work and connection to the Earth..

Discovering blockages to our trust in the feminine, both within ourselves and others. Addressing issues of low self esteem and dis-empowerment. Renewing and strengthening the reproductive and creative force with the heart.

A day to enrich and deeply nourish ourselves, taking the time and care we need to be balanced and well nurtured women. Welcoming Mothers and daughters (from 12yr)

WHAT TO BRING: Beach towel or picnic blanket, a plate of food to share, drinking water.

Workshops time frame is 10:30 am – 4pm

Soul Quest Retreats

A Women’s Retreat to rest… reflect.. release… and renew.
A guided journey of self discovery and inner reflection set in an intimate tropical setting

•Express your creativity using colour and mandala as a tool to self discovery
•Meditations by our Spiritual Mentor to provide deeper understanding and personal growth
•Sunset Reflection Cruise
•Chi Kung Relaxation Exercise
•Guided rainforest walks
•Fire Release Ritual!
•Zenthai/Shiatsu Massage available by arrangement
•Dream analysis workshop and record your journey in your own complimentary journal   Contacting Grace through message or email for show of interest and/or inquiries   Contact Me
0408 195157