“The skills I have learned from Grace’s training are immensely powerful tools that have enabled me to confidently assist others with the healing process. It has been a spiritually transformational process for me that has enhanced and empowered my life.”
Mary Leitner, mother and reiki master

“Prarthanna Grace has a rare ability to introduce divine healing energy into the body. After my first session I didn’t know what hit me, but I knew it was great!”
Anand Jagna, International group leader

“Grace is like no other therapist I have experienced. She works like a magician. Her precision and subtlety amaze me. I came away after the session feeling whole, energized and really juicy.”
Simon Perry, Engineer and Therapist

“Grace has been my healer and guide on my spiritual journey over the past 2 years. Her clear, gentle and intuitive approach has initiated my healing processes and her insight has guided me to a deeper understanding of myself and those around me. Grace is a ‘wise woman’ using her healing skills with care and dedication for all those who join her on the spiritual path.”
Jan Pullins, Artist / Writer

“My thoughts of course keep returning to my very pampered and spiritually rich weekend I have experienced with you as my very able “spiritual midwife”.  Thank you for your openness as a channel for such work which can only enhance the receiver on an immediate level, then his / her family and community as the ripples continue. Blessings to you!”
Tricia, Nurse and mother

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