Your Body Bliss – Reflexology

Reflexology of foot, hand or face is a non-invasive therapy. It is a natural and safe meridian zone therapy, treating the entire body, promoting physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance.
Through applied and specific pressure to the reflexology points in the feet, hands and face, it stimulates the body’s own healing process. The body starts progressively clearing blockages, reestablishing energy flows and balancing itself, resulting in improved health.

Reflexology is not intended to cure diseases, although it is extremely valuable in –

  • Stimulating serotin and oxytocin, thus reducing anxiety and depression
  • Supporting more restful sleep patterns and reducing fatigue
  • Aiding digestion, reducing nausea
  • Treating chronic pain or arthritis
  • Balancing the flow of hormones
  • Reducing stress, pain, blood pressure and fluid retention
  • Increasing circulation, self-healing, energy levels
  • Promoting a sense of wellbeing, creativity and productivity
  • Cleansing body toxins and impurities
  • Resolving fertility issues
  • Improving mental clarity

This nurturing and pampering therapy has powerful effects on all of your body systems and is deeply relaxing, yet leaves you surprisingly energised.

The feet are our vital link to the earth and access to its magnetic resonance. Immediate results are gained from a single session. The number of treatments required depends on the condition being treated.

Price –

I hour reflexology session – $75

1.5 hour reflexology session – $90

(Sliding scale prices available for concession or multiple sessions, please ask Grace for details)

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