Your Quantum Leap – Crystal Grid Healing

“Working with the Ancestors”

What is Crystal Grid Healing?

Crystal Grid Healing is an immersion within the Quantum Field through the crystalline laylines of nature to restore original birthright integrity. We are pure and perfect at birth arriving into a polluted and imperfect world. This (overtime) conditions us and taints character, beliefs and values, destroying our life potential which is our birthright. The session will involve working with quartz crystal layouts and (comfortably and safely) buried to the neck in pummeled crystallized sand. This will preceed a caretaken guided land based healing at a designated sacred site selected based on the needs of the individual.

Quantum Resonsance and Realignment – Interdimensional Healing

These transformational and purifying sessions require very specific environments and protocols, necessitating a pre-session interview and scheduling according to weather conditions and moon phases. This hands on, embodied experiences facilitates the balancing of lunar and solar energies within the psyche and is co-directed in partnership with the land, as such, much of the content is channeled and each persons journey is unique and equally personalised,

A true coming home to source through “self“. Guided and supported by immersion with the elements

As taught by local law woman Lorraine Maffi Williams – Daughter of Brunswick Heads storyteller and Crystal Lore Man.

In affiliation with Colin John Fisher (Gabal) Yalangi Healer Elder of Buru Cape York.

This is an extremely personalised experience and therefore price will vary depending on the outcome of pre-session interview. The session itself can range between $250 – $500 and travel may be required (within the state) – price dependent on distance.

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