Your Inner Wisdom – Jungian Dream Therapy

“Getting Clear on life Issues – Discover the hidden symbols resting within your mind (or dreams)”

This two hour journey process explores the four brainwave patterns – beta, alpha, theta and delta. This is to more deeply access the subconscious content of your life bringing clarification and insight to the contents of your dreams. Direct connection at a conscious level enables us to integrate our truer feelings to make better healthier choices and decisions, simultaneously putting to rest unresolved traumas of the past. This pathway combines regression/journey processes combined with Jungian psychotherapy trained by:

Patrick Jansen (2003) – president of the Jungian Association Melbourne/Sydney throughout the 1990s.

Initiated into the White Owl lodge of Denise Lynn 1991 in past life elemental regression/medicine wheel vision quest.

Two hour session – $200

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