Your Body Mind Reset – Rebalancing Bodywork

Rebalancing bodywork involves the hands-on loosening and lengthening of the muscular and connecting fibre (tendon) fascia and the recalibrating of traumatised and emotional holding patterns – which have been locked into the body and psyche. These holding patterns often restrict and compromise the alignment of the skeletal structure. Energy balance is then restored through directing “Chi” (life force energy) through the now opened and aligned pathways.

I sometimes enhance the vibrational frequency through vocal toning to enhance and stabilize the electromagnetic energetic matrix of the client in connection to earth and cosmic polarity.

My rebalancing bodywork sessions aim to re-establish communication between the various subtle spheres surrounding and interweaving the physical, etheric, auric field and the physical body, creating understanding and release from the causes of chronic holding patterns and imbalances, allowing for whole body-soul integration.

Sessions are done on a massage table. Please wear loose, natural fibre clothing and come well hydrated.

2 Hour Rebalancing Bodywork session – $160

(Sliding scale prices available for concession or multiple sessions, please ask Grace for details)

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