Are you feeling stressed, depleted or disconnected from your joy?

Would you like to bring more calm, balance and vitality into your daily life?

In our busy world we can often feel fractured, tense, isolated or unhappy. Long term stress is the major cause of ill health and can lead to disease. However, there are some simple, powerful and essential tools and practices to bring us back into health, balance and harmony.

Essential Self Healing is about returning to balance in physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels of the body and soul. We can learn to experience and maintain deep relaxation, functionality and feelings of wellbeing on a daily basis.

Grace Geiger supports people to connect to their essential self through individual sessions, classes, workshops and retreats. She teaches Chi Kung Flow workshops in Mission Beach.  Aligning the Divine Feminine – Chi Kung Flow – a 6 week Journey for women.

Grace offers sessions in a variety of body based healing modalities including Reflexology, Rebalancing Bodywork, Energy and Chakra Balance and Crystal Grid Healing.

Contact Grace to discuss the best approach for you – free 15 minute phone consultation.

Phone – 0408 195 157

Email –

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